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How to Cancel Your Subscription OrderUpdated 3 days ago

If you have an order on auto-subscription, you must log in to your customer portal to review, update the shipping date or cancel the subscription when you receive the 3-day notification that it will renew.

Please be mindful that changing the date on a subscription order once you receive notification that the order has been processed does not cancel the order.

1. Login to ever.com, click on Manage Subscriptions and you will see a list of your current auto shipments.

2. Customers are also able to log in to review their active subscriptions and edit or cancel them.

Once you have logged in, you will see each item listed and the option to "manage subscription"

3. Once you click manage subscription, you will see these options on the next screen. You can change the delivery schedule, order the product immediately, and skip the upcoming subscription

.4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen for the option to cancel the subscription. You will receive an email confirmation and you will be able to see the item is no longer on the subscription

5. Choose the type of action you wish to apply reason. The next screen will allow you to add any comments you want.

6. The canceled item will now show as an inactive subscription with the option to reactivate.

NOTE: Reactivating the recently canceled order when you need is best instead of adding it to "View your next order" as this ensures the discount will not be affected (Subscribe to Save 10% OFF, Ambassador Discount). This will reduce the chances of splitting your orders.

If you need help, we are happy to assist - contact us here.


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