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NEW Optimizing EVER Subscriptions 🌎Updated a month ago

Exciting Subscription Merging Update 🎉

To maximize your subscriptions, minimize unnecessary waste, & environmental impact we have teamed up with our subscription platform to do the work for you!

Effective now, all subscription orders that are set to ship within 7 days of each other will automatically be shipped together to reduce our environmental impact and your shipping charges! 

For example, an order set to ship on June 10th and a separate order set to ship on June 17th will automatically become one order and ship on June 10th. Combining orders increases your chance of receiving FREE shipping when the threshold exceeds $100 USD ($85 for VIP).

Our commitment to sustainability is never done and this is just one way we can positively impact our environment while making order management and cost savings easier for you! 

Don't worry, there is nothing you need to do as this will automatically occur for any affected orders. Order reminder emails will still be sent prior to shipment should you choose to make any changes to your upcoming order.

PLUS now you can manage your orders via SMS! Sign up to get order reminders and easily update your order right from your text messages 📲

Questions? Email, call, or chat our Delight Center [email protected]



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