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Optimizing Ever SubscriptionsUpdated 3 days ago

To maximize your subscriptions and minimize unnecessary waste and environmental impact, below are a few ways you can optimize your subscription account.

1) Consolidate orders which are shipping close together

  • Log into Ever.com and navigate to 'Manage Subscriptions'
  • On the right hand side click "Manage Subscriptions" again.
  • Click on one of your subscriptions to verify the shipping frequency and date of shipment
  • Change the date of your subscription so that your subscriptions ship on the same day. This will automatically consolidate your shipments so they ship in one package!

Repeat this process for all of your orders and, voila, they will ship together!

2) Remove duplicate shipping addresses

  • Navigate to "Address & Payment Details"
  • Click Manage Addresses
  • Remove any duplicate addresses! Even if the address looks the same, a small change "Ave vs Avenue, for example" will prompt an additional address and, therefore, an additional shipment. Removing these duplicative addresses will minimize shipments.

Thank you for caring for the planet! 🌎

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