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2022 Tax DocumentsUpdated a year ago

Hi Gorgeous!

We've got all the details on how to get your 1099-NEC for US Ambassadors and T4A for CA Ambassadors:

  • All 2022 Tax Year documents will be available on www.track1099.com by 1/31/23 for US Ambassadors who earned $600 or more. If you did not receive your form, please click here.
  • This includes earnings from our old platform Hyperwallet and our new platform Go Aff Pro.
  • An email will be sent to all affiliates with a secure link to access your tax documents.
  • You must enter the last 4 digits of your SSN or Tax ID Number to confirm your identity.
  • Then you will be directed to a secure page so you are able to download the file as a PDF.
  • Canadian tax forms T4A's were sent by email on 2/10/23. If you earned $500 CAD or more, you were issued a tax form. If you did not receive this form, please contact us.


The Delight Center does not have access to your 1099 or T4A on the secure website. 

If you are unsure of your earnings, please contact us here.

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