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2023 Brand Ambassador Program

Hi Gorgeous!. Happy New Year!. If you missed our Monthly Kickoff Call, catch the replay here!. You can also get all the details on our new compensation plan full of rewards to earn: products, cash, and trips!. A Message from The Herrins. 2023 S&D Amb

Ambassador Rewards Program FAQs

This FAQ will be updated to clarify questions we receive. Please check back periodically for updates.

Weekly Commission Payout Set Up

Payouts are weekly on Wednesdays on orders that have passed their 21-day cash return window. Log into your account on ever.com and stelladot.com. Choose to add a PayPal account or get paid in-store credit at 2x the amount of payout. For example, you

Affiliate Commissions Questions?

Have questions or comments specifically related to your Affiliate Commissions, Affiliate Payouts, or Dashboard?. Get HELP from our Affiliate program partner team, GoAff. Please direct questions here:. https://affiliates.stelladot.com/partner-contact

Affiliate Commission Payout Option: DOUBLE the Value In a Store Coupon

Affiliates enjoy everyday personal discounts by tier. But what is the best discount of all? Affiliates can essentially shop at more than 50% off anytime they opt to get 2X their commission payout in the form of a gift card for either stelladot.com or

How to Share a Cart with Your Affiliate Code!

Want to share a cart with your customer for easy shopping?. Follow these easy steps!. Option 1: Share a Cart with Your Code. Browse the store for your recommended products and add to cart. Click ‘Share Cart’ and send the cart to your customer with yo

How to Share a Cart

How to Share a Cart. Tip: If you are an Ambassador, include your affiliate code in the cart.