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Ambassador Commission Payout Option: DOUBLE the Value In a Store CouponUpdated 17 days ago

Ambassadors enjoy everyday personal discounts by tier. But what is the best discount of all? Ambassadors can essentially shop at more than 50% off anytime they opt to get 2X their commission payout in the form of a gift card for ever.com.

Ambassadors can then put profits in their pockets by reselling these goods (MAP pricing applies) or use them to thank others for referring new customers to shop with them. 


STEP 1: Select a Weekly Payment Option each Tuesday, by 10 PM PST

  • Go to your affiliate dashboard by logging into the main website and navigating to your account.
  • Select EVER Gift Card.

STEP 1: Find Your Gift Card Code on Wednesday, by 10 PM PST

  • In the payments section of your Affiliate dashboard, under DETAILS.
  • Note the details shown below the code: redeems for double when you check out.

STEP 3: 

  • Copy and paste this multi-use gift card code into checkout for the store you selected. 


  • Reset Your Payment Option Each Week. We can not reverse the method after the payout. Any generated codes for Store Credits cannot be modified or non-transferrable to other brands.
  • Store Credit Codes can be found on the Payments Tab on your Dashboard.

Ambassadors Always Save More! 

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