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How It Works: Ambassador Commission Order AssignmentUpdated a year ago

Since our inception, we are so proud to have paid out over half a billion dollars in commission! We love flexible earnings for our Ambassadors and the life choices that enables for them! Thus, it is a top priority for our company to properly assign orders to Ambassadors. We want to ensure credit is given where credit is due! 

How it works: 

We use the same leading technology as other affiliate programs. We attribute orders to Ambassadors based on technology – personal links, cookies, and Ambassador referral codes! 

We also make it clear for a customer to see who they are shopping with. The Ambassador's name is displayed at checkout and in the header of the website. We it to be easy for customers and for Ambassadors to feel confident we get the right orders to the amazing people sharing. 

A corporate link or coupon code does not trump an ambassador cookie, link or code. All customers that allow cookies are cookied to an Ambassador for 60 days once they click on their link. 

An order going to the wrong Ambassador rarely happens, but when it does it is due to a customer clicking on another ambassador link or entering another Ambassador’s referral code during checkout. An ambassador code gives a discount to a new customer, but it is also just the ambassador referral code that is used to attribute orders. 

A code entered at checkout trumps a link used because it is explicitly entered by the customer during checkout, after they would have clicked on a link and been shown who they are shopping with. Even if the discount is not valid, it still credits the Ambassador who shared the code used by the customer… I hope you see how this logic benefits getting orders to the right Ambassadors and feel assured that incorrect attribution is very rare.  This is possible but so unlikely it’s not worth worrying about.  

Please also keep in mind that orders paid for via gift card are not commissionable. For example: If an order equals $100 and the customer uses a $100 gift card, no commission is given. If a gift card is used for partial payment, only the non-gift card portion is commissionable. 

How to ensure your orders go to you

  • Include your ambassador referral code and link in your social bio and email signature.
  • When sharing on social include your code and link
  • When messaging customers about products, including the line “ I appreciate you shopping with me. Please use my code, AMBASSADORCODE, at checkout”
  • Share a cart with a customer from your site. 

Why would an order not be assigned to any Ambassador at all?  

If an order is not assigned to an Ambassador it is the case that:

1) the customer did not shop a link, and

2) the customer did not enter an Ambassador Referral code at checkout, and

3) the customer is not cookied to an Ambassador, and

4) the customer is not getting a subscription order originally placed with the Ambassador.


How do cookies work? 

Cookies are set for 60 days. That means if someone shops your site today, they will auto credit to that same Ambassador for 60 days. Additionally, we offer a unique repeat commission-earning opportunity not often found in affiliate programs. We tie a repeat subscription order to the original Ambassador for ongoing commission.  If a customer is getting a repeat subscription order, the originating ambassador will get a commission for the duration of the customer’s subscription.  

Additionally, we ask a customer if they are shopping with an Ambassador at checkout to ensure they have the opportunity to assign order credit.


Could it be a mistake that a customer is not cookied to an Ambassador? 

It’s possible, but very rare. Keep in mind that customers can always choose to clear their own cookies, but that is not a widespread practice and should not cause concern. The customer would have to disable cookies


If it is past 60 days, the cookie is expired and the customer is not automatically tied back to the Ambassador. The customer has to shop a link or enter the Ambassador code to get re-cookied. Thus, for continued earnings, be sure to enroll customers in subscriptions and continually promote EVER. 

Home Office Direct Orders

As a multi-channel business, in addition to our ambassador program, the home office invests in several other customer acquisition methods, resulting in orders placed directly on the website, unassociated with an Ambassador.

 As an example, the home office places paid advertisements online, targeting both new and lapsed customers (those that have never shopped with us and those that have not shopped in the last 6 months+).

The presence of direct or home office orders is a function of our ad spend, not an issue with order assignment. 

Have any questions or concerns? Please contact our delight center! Happy Sharing! 

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